We host groups of York's makers and doers, who give brief lectures around the theme of CRAFT.

Our speakers come from varied backgrounds, but they all work systematically and intentionally to create visceral experiences.

Our next event will be April 24, 2019 at 6 p.m.

Our events are held at Warehaus (formerly LSC Design), 320 North George Street. Doors open at 6 p.m. and presentations begin promptly at 6:30 p.m. Parking and entrance are on the Beaver Street side of the building.

Admission is free, and no ticket is required. 

Featured Speakers for April 24, 2019 PK NIght Event

Our eleventh event will feature seven presenters talking about their respective crafts.


Tony Bova

A Pizza Journey

Tony looks back at some experiences that led to the creation of his pizza and catering business.

Tony Bova has loved pizza since he was a kid eating his Mom's homemade creations. For years he enjoyed making pizza for his family. Business travel exposed Tony to some great places to eat pizza and he was inspired to start Forno Bova, a wood-fired pizza catering business he runs with his wife and kids.

Richard Craighead.jpg

Richard Craighead

Positive Propaganda Through the Black Perspective

A look at how positive propaganda can lead to Black people being seen in a better light, as demonstrated by some of the things Inclusive Arts Movement York has been doing in the past few years.

Richard Craighead, Owner Operator of Inlcusive Arts Movement York, strives to connect cultures through various art forms. Richard is a painter for the city of York and father of two sons.

MC Hyser.jpg

MC Hyser

A Community Built by DIY

How the DIY ethics of the underground music scene has shaped our local community.

Matt “MC” Hyser has been involved in the local music community for more than twenty years in all aspects: booking shows, playing in bands, touring with bands, and releasing music. These experiences have given him a unique view of the world.

Susan McDaniel.jpg

Susan McDaniel

Fiber Fanatic

Discovering a passion for fiber, but loath to follow patterns, Susan learned instead to chart her own course. Making up her own rules is her key to creativity.

Susan McDaniel was influenced early on by her creative mother, Ruth McDaniel, and then got a jumpstart on her passion for fiber after meeting Karen Paust. After a giving up on patterns, she found creating something without direction really gave her the creative freedom to explore her own style of crafting. Susan is also a photo stylist and interior designer. In 2018, she was awarded the BEST OF for interior design in the York area by Susquehanna Style magazine. Susan and friends Karen Paust and JoAnne Schiavone have opened VENTURE, a shop/gallery in Royal Square at 128 East King Street here in York, PA.

Liza Naylor.jpg

Liza Naylor

Lessons from a Life Worth Tasting

From chaos to purpose, observations from a kitchen centered life.

Liza Naylor grew up in an international home, learning to cook dishes from around the world at a very early age. This is the foundation from which she draws strength to thrive with purpose and meaning. Liza owns Locally Seasoned...Everything Good About Food, a unique weekly meal delivery service.

Goyo Ortiz.jpg

Goyo Ortiz

Building the Border / Designing the City

Goyo Ortiz was born in a constant flux between San Diego, Tijuana, and Los Angeles. His work combines cultural references with what he learned from his more formal education in architecture and urban planning. He believes design should encourage communication as a method of civil engagement. He has worked on design projects dealing with issues relating to misunderstood and underappreciated cities and neighborhoods, and has focused on developing projects, events, and installations that highlight potential in overlooked environments. Landing in York, he sees many parallels with his place of origin concerning stereotypes, community engagement, and civic pride.

Goyo Ortiz-Muñoz is an architectural designer at Warehaus, raised in his formative years along the US-Mexico border. He studied architecture at Woodbury University and has a master’s degree in urban planning from UCLA. He has worked for community organizations and nonprofits and architecture design firms concentrating on housing and community engagement. He loves travel, food, eclectic music, and soccer.

Erec Smith.jpg

Erec Smith

Available Means of Persuasion: An Explanation of Rhetorical Theory and Practice

This presentation will briefly summarize Erec’s practice in rhetorical theory before giving a concise run-down of what it means and why it is important.

Erec Smith has a Ph.D. in rhetoric and is an Associate Professor of Rhetoric at York College of Pennsylvania.