We host groups of York's makers and doers, who give brief lectures around the theme of CRAFT.

Our speakers come from varied backgrounds, but they all work systematically and intentionally to create visceral experiences.

Our next event will be August 14, 2019 at 6 p.m.

Our events are held at Warehaus (formerly LSC Design), 320 North George Street. Doors open at 6 p.m. and presentations begin promptly at 6:30 p.m. Parking and entrance are on the Beaver Street side of the building.

Admission is free, and no ticket is required. 

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Featured Speakers for August 14, 2019 PK NIght Event

Our twelfth event will feature a new cohort of presenters talking about their respective crafts.

Andrew Abaria.jpg

Andrew Abaria

DEEPER Vibrations: Unlock the Power of Your Mind Through Sound

Andrew discusses his development as a musician, starting out as a classical pianist to now using music in his yoga endeavors. His talk will focus on his current project, DEEPER Vibrations, a music production company that creates intelligently crafted soundscapes to help people become their most creative and productive selves.

A graduate of the USC Thornton School of Music, Andrew Abaria is the composer and sound designer behind Equinox's 2019 sonic branding campaign. His personal development brand, DEEPER, offers yoga instruction, international retreats, and creativity-inducing musical soundtracks to help people transform into their most creative and brilliant selves.

Scott Bitzer.jpg

Scott Bitzer

 Stagehand in the Gig Economy, But Artist Between the Ears

 Bravery and stupidity are identical from any distance except possibly hindsight. You are the one most responsible for your safety or success.

 Scott Bitzer is on his fourth and possibly last career, working as a theatre tech, stagehand, and production carpenter for a host of local venues and organizations, such as Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, Rock Lititz, The Fulton, York College Galleries, and The Curious Little Playhouse.

Mina Edmondson.jpg

Mina Edmondson

Talking With Your Hands?

ASL (American Sign Language) has imprinted a beautiful visual language into Mina’s everyday communication. ASL is more than simple gestures but a unique language that the brain processes through the eye rather than the ear.

Mina Edmondson is the Director of Martin Library. She believes libraries can empower every individual, helping them expand their knowledge of the world around them and explore possibilities in their own lives.

Carl Helrich

The Art of Winemaking

Winemaking is an art (from the Greek arete, the intersection of techne (skill) and inspiration). Anyone can make wine, the question is “why would someone want to drink it?” There’s a story behind each wine, connecting the place to the people to the time. Sharing the wine shares the story, and stories connect us. With no art, there’s no story, no wine as we know it.

One can take many different paths in becoming a winemaker. For Carl Helrich, it started helping his father bottle homebrewed beer in the 1970s and led him to studying philosophy and religion in college and working through many jobs on the way to becoming a jack-of-a-lot-of-trades. A job at a local winery used his many talents and with it sparked the epiphany that his skills could combine with his need for new liquid and aromatic sensations to become the art outlet he had always been looking for. He and his wife Kris purchased Allegro in 2001 and have been there ever since, growing grapes and two boys. Now, it seems as though he knows less than ever and is somehow happier for it.  

MC Hyser.jpg

MC Hyser 

A Community Built by DIY

How the DIY ethics of the underground music scene has shaped our local community.

Matt “MC” Hyser has been involved in the local music community for more than twenty years in all aspects: booking shows, playing in bands, touring with bands, and releasing music. These experiences have given him a unique view of the world.

Clifton Santiago.JPG

Clifton Santiago

A Lifetime of Inspiration

Discussion of diverse life experiences and skill acquisitions that shaped Clifton’s art and life choices. How many seemingly unrelated things can come together.  

Clifton Santiago is a sculptor with works in private collections throughout America and Mexico. Earliest works in steel, all materials have been used with an appreciation of the warmth of wood.

Mylea Thompson.jpg

Mylea Thompson

The Vulnerability of Bliss

Each of us has been given a thing to do. A thing that is our deepest passion, our most bold expression of who we are. When we are our most vulnerable, it is in those moments when we are closest to God, and that is bliss. The thing that Mylea was put here to do is sing. 

Mylea Thompson has performed in operas such as Hansel and Gretel, Othello, Amal and the Night Visitor, and Norma. She has been a first soprano with the Virginia Symphony Chorus, the York Symphony Chorus, toured across the country with private ensembles, and was an actress in Sweeney Todd, The Homecoming, and The Wiz, to name a few. But her greatest accomplishment as a songstress is when she uses her voice to awaken and stir the hearts of her audience. Mylea's dream as a child was to command the stage. As an adult, she has learned she must first command herself.

Annelise Vuono.jpg

Annelise Vuono

Catch the LoVeBuG

A glimpse into the fantastical world of Annelise and her illustrations

Annelise Vuono’s style is characterized by figurative elements within abstract environments. Her paintings in particular feature strong color schemes and an emotional presence. Originally based out of Central Pennsylvania, Annelise is the daughter of an art educator and designer. She began drawing at a young age, finding inspiration from fantasy films, music, graphic novels, and nature. She holds a BFA from Pennsylvania College of Art & Design and has worked the last 10 years in various visual art fields and participates in gallery showings. Her work has been published in books and magazines and featured among athletic and fashion venues. In addition to creating art, Annelise has a passion for community involvement, including volunteering, educating, or raising awareness for the arts.