We host a series of brief lectures by York, PA's makers and doers, who talk about their craft. Our speakers come from varied backgrounds, but they all work systematically and intentionally to create visceral experiences.

York: Crafted utilizes the 20x20 PechaKucha presentation format: 20 slides that automatically advance every 20 seconds. Learn more at PechaKucha.org.

Featured Speakers AT January 25, 2018 PK NIght Event

Our eighth event featured six presenters talking about their respective crafts.

Matthew Clay-Robison.png

Matthew Clay-Robison

Why Stand On A Silent Platform?

Dictators target artists and art funding because artists have their fingers on the pulse of what is happening in society and can speak truth to power. “This machine kills fascists,” Woody Guthrie wrote on his guitar. As a college art gallery director, Matthew Clay-Robison’s primary curatorial mission is to give a platform to artists whose work addresses critical social issues and challenges harmful power structures in our society, thereby fostering necessary dialogue within the campus and regional communities so that we might build a more just future.

Matthew Clay-Robison is Gallery Director at York College of Pennsylvania, where he has organized exhibitions on campus since 2009, and also more recently at Marketview Arts in downtown York. He is also an artist, focused mainly on addressing issues of social justice through printmaking. His work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States and internationally. He has received numerous awards for his work, including Best in Show at National Juried Exhibitions at the Arlington Arts Center in Arlington, Virginia and Foundry Gallery in Washington, DC. His prints belong to several public and private collections including the Library of Congress, who recently acquired his woodcut White, Hot Rage (Home-Grown Demagogue), which was also described and discussed by NPR’s Steve Inskeep on Morning Edition. Matthew was recently awarded CreativeYork’s 2017 Educator of the Year for bringing challenging, thought-provoking exhibitions by artists with international reputations to York, PA.

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Victoria Kageni-Woodard.jpg

Victoria Kageni-Woodard

From Kenya, With Love - Purposefully Blooming Where I am Transplanted

In over the two decades that Victoria has been a resident of these United States, she has reinvented herself in more ways than one as life has called her to do. More recently her relocation to York city in 2012, her matrimonial home, presented her another opportunity to plant and grow anew. Her relocation from Allentown in the Lehigh Valley has provided her yet another opportunity to bloom where she finds herself planted. Although she wears many hats, creating art using fabric remains her second most favorite activity, closely following her love and care for her family and whatever community she is a member of. Since the inception of her retail space in the WeCo district, new ideas continue to bloom in a similar fashion as the crops did on her childhood farm. 

Victoria Kageni-Woodard is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and is a native of the East African nation of Kenya. She is also the owner of Gusa By Victoria, a women’s clothing retail shop that offers more than meets the eye. Growing up on Sunday View Farm, her family-owned property on the southern mainland from Mombasa island, planting new things is a process deeply embedded in her.

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Caleb Robertson.jpg

Caleb Robertson


Why do we desire to become masterful? How an unfocused life brought Caleb to his life's work.

Caleb is recently married, weighs in at 155 pounds, is the eighth of eight children, a dreamer of dreams, a climber of trees, a maker of things, a little brother to all; he likes run-on sentences, gives up too much personal information in his bio, and if it were not for his wife, he would probably be malnourished and bit hairier.

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Zachary Rupert.png

Wait, People Will Pay Me for My Doodles?

Despite graduating from “art” school twice, Zach never expected individuals and companies to reach out to him to create illustrations and art for them, and especially didn’t expect them to be paying him for it. Follow along as he tries to explain how he went from complete obscurity to still pretty obscure, but now people wear his art on shirts.

Hailing from parts unknown (he lives in York now), Zachary Rupert is a two-time graduate of a for-profit art school that closed because its parent company was being investigated and sued for misleading claims in its efforts to recruit students. He has been active in the design field for over 10 years, and is currently a senior designer at YRK Creative. He also is the dude behind Rupert Beard, his own design and apparel line (go buy a sweatshirt, it’s probably cold out).

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Emily Sablosky.jpg

Emily Sablosky

Art and Anatomy

Even though we live in our bodies every day of our lives, we don't know that much about them - how they work and how they are put together. This presentation takes a look at the nearly two-thousand year history of visualizing the body, how it varies amongst Eastern and Western cultures, and what we know today.

Emily is an acupuncturist and massage therapist at The Sanctuary in York. She also repairs and restores stringed instruments, practices taiji, and makes all sorts of stuff with paper. In the past, she worked in the library at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, repaired books at the Library of Congress, studied to be a specialist in clocks and watches at Christie’s, trained horses, almost went to architecture school, and holds a master’s degrees in Traditional Oriental Medicine and in the history of science and bachelor’s degrees in art history and French from the University of Maryland.

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Leah Limpert Walt.JPG

Leah Limpert Walt

Starting Over with Art

Leah re-invested in her artistic side after starting her life over in York. Thanks to successes and support in the York City community and working hard toward her passion, she’s almost finished her senior year at Pennsylvania College of Art and Design in Lancaster. Leah’s work explores mental health, spirituality, nature, nurture and personal experience through bold colors, dissipating spaces, realism and the occasional sculpture.

Leah Limpert Walt is a Senior BFA student at Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. She was featured as one of YRK Magazine’s Emerging Artists from summer 2017, as well as the recipient of the Cynthia E. Price Memorial Scholarship. She recently had her first solo exhibition entitled “Layered” at Marketview Arts and has had work shown in Harrisburg, York, Lancaster and New York City. Leah lives in York City with her husband Craig and their dog, Monk.

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FEATURED PRESENTERS AT OUR EVENT ON January 25, 2018. LEFT TO RIGHT: Caleb Robertson, Leah Limpert Walt, Zach Rupert, Victoria Kageni-Woodard, Matthew Clay-Robison, Emily Sablosky.

Featured Speakers AT November 9, 2017 PK NIght Event

Our seventh event featured seven presenters talking about their respective crafts.

Tony Euculano.jpg

Tony Euculano

Weightlifting: Making the Simple Complex

“I pick things up and put them down.”  Yes, simply stated, that is the sport of weightlifting. But when you get through the initial layer, you find a sport filled with emotion that balances grace and power.

Tony Euculano is a National-Level USAW coach, and has coached and competed in Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Strongman, and Crossfit. He works with people from various athletic backgrounds to help them achieve their goals that range from being competitive on the national stage to simply being healthy.

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Dennis Kunkle

Rescuing Relics

When you learn how the old gentlemen made furniture at a workbench with only hand tools, touching their work 200 years later has special meaning. Some pieces, unfortunately, were relegated to a damp basement or a leaky barn. Getting them back in the house pays tribute to their skills and artistry. On the other end of the spectrum are old radios. Once a staple in every home and farmhouse, they too fell victim to progress and ended up in attics, sheds, or worse. While not handmade, per se, designers, woodworkers, finishers and assemblers worked as a team to create them. Dennis Kunkle is hopelessly hooked on bringing them all back to life.

Dennis Kunkle graduated from Millersville State College in 1975 with B.S. in Industrial Arts. After teaching high school briefly, his career took him to the custom kitchen cabinet business, antique automobile restoration, furniture refinishing, antique buying and selling, antique furniture reproduction and repair, and finally to the museum field. Dennis has been employed at the York County History Center for more than 30 years, most recently as Director of Facilities, after starting as their Exhibit Preparator. He lives near York’s WECO district in an 1870s home with his wife Julie.

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Chris Malmberg.jpg

Chris Malmberg

An Introverted Street Photographer's Experience

Having time to yourself is really important, but getting out of our comfort zone is possibly just as important. Being a photographer who primarily shoots candid photos in public places has forced this kind of "new way of life" on to Chris Malmberg. It has helped him with communicating with people he doesn't know, particularly in situations where he would have normally kept quiet. 

Chris Malmberg has been a street photographer for about six years. He is an admin for, and an active participant in, a fortnightly instruction-based street photography group on flickr (a group available to and used by hundreds of photographers internationally) called Street & Repeat. He still manages to shoot terrible pictures 99.99% of the time. Also, he can't shoot your wedding because he's busy that day.

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Carol Oldenburg.jpg

Carol Oldenburg

Head in the Clouds

A search for beauty and visual calm through artistic expression, while staying firmly rooted in family and community.

Carol Oldenburg is a mid-career artist whose award-winning drawings and paintings have been exhibited and collected throughout the United States. She recently opened OMG STUDIOS with two other artists in downtown York, including her daughter, Kara Oldenburg-Gonzales, also a gifted artist. She hopes to continue painting for many years to come, bringing joy not only to herself, but to her many collectors, as well.

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Domenic Sciortino.jpg

Domenic Sciortino

Running with Scissors: Seeing the World from Behind the Barber Chair

A haircut isn't just a haircut. We've all had good ones, and maybe a few bad ones, but the great ones can be life-changing experiences. We trust the people that hold sharp instruments to our heads to have the ability to transform us, and the bond between a man and his barber and a woman and her hairdresser is unique in many ways. 

Domenic Sciortino accidentally stumbled on a passion for hair as a teenager. He has been a barber stylist for over 30 years, and also spent time traveling educating for Clairol haircolor. He runs Mt. Rose Barberama in York, where he resides with his wife and three sons. He also thinks you need a haircut.

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Diamond Taylor.jpg

Diamond Taylor

Mascara Changed My Life

Drag can be an exhilarating, joyful, and freeing experience, both as a performer and as an audience member. Keeping the viewer entertained and engaged is as much of an art form as the make-up and costumery itself.

Diamond Taylor has been actively performing in the world of drag for over a decade, both as an individual and as a member of several ensembles up and down the East Coast. She is currently the Show Director at Nest Nightclub in Baltimore at night and a cosmetologist during the day.

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Allison Witherow.jpeg

Allison Witherow

From Idea to Identity: Bringing A Brand to Life

What's in an image? What's in a name? The decisions that we make every day about where to eat, shop, and spend our free time are all products of the impression that a brand has left on us. The difficult process of distilling an idea down in order to transform it into a working brand is a tricky but necessary one. Allison helps aspiring restaurant owners through this process day in and day out.

Allison Witherow was born and raised on a farm in York County. She has long loved the idea of how we as humans express and explore our lives through photography and documentary film. She has pursued these interests through studies at New York University, through a photography business that she co-owned, and through helping to start several businesses, events, and projects in York. Today Allison is the Director of Marketing and Events at Tutoni's Restaurant and Creative Director & Co-Owner at Taste Test Pop Up Restaurant Series, where she works with aspiring restaurateurs to develop their identity and working brand.

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York Crafted Nov 2017.jpg

FEATURED PRESENTERS AT OUR EVENT ON November 9, 2017. LEFT TO RIGHT: Chris Malmberg, Tony Euculano, Carol Oldenburg, Diamond Taylor, Allison Witherow, Domenic Sciortino, Dennis Kunkle.

Featured Speakers AT August 17, 2017 PK NIght Event

Our sixth event included eight presentations on a wide variety of crafts.

Michael Adams.jpg

Michael Adams

Guitar Stories

Vintage guitars are intensely personal things, and like houses, we often wonder what stories they could tell if only they could speak. In a way, old guitars do speak, only their stories are told through the language of play wear, scars, modifications, and repairs. Like any other object that comes into contact with human beings, guitars eventually break. When they do, they go to someone like Michael Adams, for whom the story is as worth preserving as the playability of the instrument itself. Harnessing the power of the internet, Mike shares these stories through Instagram photojournalism, mating the histories of the guitars he plays and restores to exciting and descriptive images, disseminating tips on care and maintenance along the way. The job is often part CSI, part House M.D., where understanding how a problem happened can be just as important as knowing how to fix it.

Michael Adams is a musician, writer, guitar tech, co-founder of Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar in Seattle, and a York native. He specializes in the particular nuances of the Fender Jazzmaster and Jaguar guitar, with a recent article on the subject published in Premier Guitar magazine. He has had the pleasure of meeting and working with many of his favorite musicians and builders, as well as writing about a few of them for Fretboard Journal. Mike now resides in Long Beach, California with his wife Charissa and dog Vinnie. He loves Star Trek, bad coffee, and playing loud music with friends.

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Matthew Apol.jpg

Matthew Apol

Using Visual Art as a Vehicle for Community Engagement

When you are a visual artist who has just relocated to a new city (or returned to a former one), finding a supportive community is very important. One artist explains how he uses visual art as a tool for community engagement and way to extend opportunity to others.

Matthew Apol is a former graphic designer and entrepreneur turned painter. Before returning to fine art, he spent time working in the design departments of Toys R Us, Bright Logic, and The Creative People Group. He is the most recent recipient of the Appell Arts Fellowship from York College of Pennsylvania. Matthew lives in York with his wife Melanee.  

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Phil Broder.jpg

Phil Broder

Confessions of an Aerial Art Thief

Even an inability to draw a stick figure hasn't stopped Phil Broder from becoming a successful artist. His eye for borrowing other people’s artwork, and then making it fly, has made him an award-winning kitemaker with kites on display around the world.

Phil began flying kites in 1992 and started making his own in 2004. Along the way he was editor of KITING Magazine for nine years, coordinated National Kite Month, was vice president of the American Kitefliers Association, and won multiple national titles for kitemaking. In 2014, he founded Fly Market Kitemaking Supply, America's #1 source of kitemaking materials. Phil and his kites have been invited to festivals in China, India, South Africa, Portugal, France, England, and Canada. Soon, he'll be taking the advice so many people have given him, and going to Hel... Hel, Poland, for the Leba International Kite Fest.

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Aaron Chernak.jpg

Aaron Chernak

Making Memories of Emotion Tangible

Films and television are rooted deeply in our hearts and are tied to many memories and emotions. Through the art of prop fabrication, one is able to reach out and touch objects from those flickering lights that make us feel so much.

Aaron Chernak is a master fabricator who is a production specialist at Artisan FX Props & Paintshop, and has created products for film and stage through the years. His skills range from prop fabrication, costume fabrication, special FX makeup, electrical fabrication, painting, blueprinting, and general MacGyvery. He is also part of a costumed Ghostbusters charity group.

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Katie Hartman.jpg

Katie Hartman

Curating a Human Library

Everyone has a story to tell and everyone’s story matters. When we take the time to sit with one another and listen to each other from a genuine place of love and compassion, we have the opportunity to see how similar and connected we really are.

Katie Hartman has the best job in the world— helping children fall in love with books. She is a lover of reading because she believes in the power of words and stories to connect individuals to themselves, others, and the world around them. She enjoys pursuing ideas and collaborations that speak to her heart, such as her project with elementary readers that brought a Little Free Library to John Rudy Park, or her organization of York’s first Human Library. In all she does, she strives to bring others together and build understanding through the universal power of our stories.

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Eileen Joyce.jpg

Eileen Joyce

Like Owning a Pet Tiger: How to Survive a Career in Journalism

They may be the “enemy of the American people,” but usually they just want to go home at the end of a long day. Being a journalist these days takes skill, flexibility and a constant willingness to learn. Eileen will talk about the ups and downs in her career as a journalist and what lies ahead.

Eileen Joyce has worked as a photographer, photo editor and video producer at newspapers across the country over her 18-year career. She hosts and tells stories at York Story Slam and the York Storytellers project. She enjoys cats, rock and roll and catching your 1970s TV show references.

View Eileen's presentation

Karen Paust.jpg

Karen Paust

Honoring Nature Through Art

When Karen Paust tells people she is a bead artist, they think she strings large beads to make necklaces. Karen's presentation focused on how her beadwork has evolved, as she has pushed the possibilities of this medium. She gets her inspiration from nature, usually thinking, "that would be impossible to bead," then trying it. She loves using tiny antique glass beads to create wearable art, sculptures, and mobiles. She hopes to inspire others to see the amazing beauty in the ordinary, a weed, an insect, a seedpod.

Karen Paust is an artist, recycler, and wild mushroom hunter. She received a grant from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts in 2004. Her beadwork has been published in New Glass in Review four times, along with The Art of Beadwork. Pole Bijou, an avant garden gallery in Baccarat France, invited her to be in a show titled "Jewels and Textiles" in 2010-2011. She has been in many museum shows and sells her work at a fine craft gallery in Cambridge, Massachusetts, named Mobilia. Paust teaches beading, knitting, crocheting, embroidering, sewing, painting, and drawing. She lives in Northern York County with her husband and cat, Tigerboy.

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Matt Shober.png

Matt Shober

Art Function

As global furniture companies have taken precedent in today’s market, the craft of fine woodworking is a retracting art form. Art function is a philosophy attempting to reinvigorate the intimate connection between buyers and the pieces they put in their homes.

Matt Shober has been in the woodworking industry for nearly 21 years. Early in his career, Matt developed his skills in architecture and construction. In 2008, Matt began his own furniture company, Matthew Shober Artisan Works, in an effort to distinguish fine craftsmanship from general carpentry. Today, Matt continues to build one-of-a-kind pieces in downtown York, perpetuating his philosophy of art function.

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FEATURED PRESENTERS AT OUR EVENT ON August 17, 2017. LEFT TO RIGHT: Michael Adams, Karen Paust, Katie Hartman, Matthew Apol, Phil Broder, Matt SHober, Eileen Joyce, Aaron Chernak.


Featured Speakers AT April 20, 2017 PK NIght Event

Our fifth event was our best-attended event to date. Thank you to those who were there! We had 10 presentations on a wide variety of crafts.

Aaron Anderson.png

Aaron J. Anderson

Crafting Resilient Human Souls

Education is the act of crafting resilient human souls. The challenge of educating urban students within the context of poverty, trauma, abuse, and other socio-economic factors that contribute to students’ lives can be overwhelming and seemingly impossible for urban educators and school administrators. Research from the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) studies demonstrates, however, that urban students are at significantly higher risks for negative health factors as adults because they lack resiliency fostered in safe, loving environments. With proper support from school leaders, teachers in urban schools can create a loving environment that can serve to break the cycle of poverty, trauma, and abuse. Love can heal urban education.

Aaron began serving as the Head of School at Logos Academy and the CEO of Logos Enterprises in 2014. Originally from Aurora, Illinois, Aaron is an ordained minister in the PCA (Presbyterian Church in America). He holds a Bachelor of Religion degree from Liberty University and a Master of Arts in Religion from Reformed Theological Seminary. In 2009, Aaron founded City Church, an urban congregation in York City, PA. He currently serves on the York City Redevelopment Authority, the board for LifePath, and the Fortress Initiative, and formerly served on the boards of Prevent Child Abuse Pennsylvania, York County YMCA, York County Children Youth & Family, and Logos Academy. Aaron was a recipient of Central Penn Business Journal’s “Forty Under 40” in 2015 and awarded York’s Unity Award from Mayor C. Kim Bracey in 2016. He will be completing his M.Ed in Urban Educational Leadership in the Summer of 2017. Aaron and his wife Gail have been married since 1997 and have six children: Ellis, Emily, Luke, Amelia, David and Wesley.

View Aaron's presentation

Andrew Barnes

Playing with Knives, Fire, and Food

A fantastical and whimsical journey of discovery through art, alchemy, bad jokes, and food.

A local boy, Andrew Barnes is an award-winning chef, founder, and co-owner of The Busy and Fizzy Bees in York’s historic Central Market House. In addition to being a self-taught chef and jerk, he is also a photographer, tinkerer, mechanic, graphic designer, wordsmith, and prankster.

View Andrew's presentation

Sam Brenner

Tinkering With Robots

Sam Brenner explains the evolution of his robots and how he has learned from trial and error.

Sam Brenner is a seventh grader at York Academy Regional Charter School who enjoys building robots and working with electronics. For the past three years, Sam has taught himself to program in c++, build obstacle avoidance, light following, voice recognition, and remote-controlled robots. He has provided Arduino, robotic, and Wobbly-Bot workshops for Boy Scouts, St. Joseph’s elementary school, York Suburban summer program, and York Academy afterschool groups, and presented a SkillSwap session at CoWork155. Sam is also an entrepreneur. He created the Wobbly-Bot, a small, affordable kit that teaches children to build their own vibrabot. A portion of his proceeds benefit the Wetlands Institute in Stone Harbor, NJ; he has donated several hundred dollars and adopted five turtles to date. Sam collaborated with York College of Pennsylvania’s Center for Community Engagement to create Tech Tinker, a monthly meetup for engineering students and professors to help and mentor young technology enthusiasts in our community. Sam has an iD Tech certificate from Princeton University and won an award for creativity at YCP Hacks, York College’s first student-run hackathon.

View Sam's presentation

Stacey Burroughs.jpg

Stacey Burroughs

The Crisis of Addiction: Love, Hope, and How to Save a Life

The headlines tell the story of the ravaging opioid crisis. At the nexus of the crisis is human life, and the death grip of addiction and co-occurring conditions. To change the fatal course requires an overhaul of our view of the emergency, and the lives it's consumed. Death is but one form of consumption. Guilt and shame, fear, isolation, and incarceration consume the living dead. This presentation weaves lived experience and professional perspectives to invoke change in hearts, minds, language, and action.

Stacey is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Addictions Counselor. She is passionate about eliminating stigma that marks addiction and other diseases of the brain. She shares a vision for safe, inclusive, and equitable care for all persons, with special emphasis on those with substance use and mental health care needs.

View Stacey's presentation


Issac Edmondson

Molding Authority Issues into Art: A Street Photographer’s Story

A look into an artist’s personal philosophy on street photography, the arts, and challenging conventional methods of access to the arts through guerrilla tactics.

Isaac Edmondson is a stay-at-home dad and street photographer from York, PA, where he lives with his wife Jessica and their two sons Royal and Windsor.

View Isaac's presentation

Phillip Freeman.jpg

Phillip freeman

The Vocal Blueprint

This is a super simple yet effective method for getting over stage fright, becoming more confident, mastering your craft, and most importantly, finding your voice.

Phillip Freeman brings over 15,000+ hours of experience as a vocal instructor and performer to his students and group seminars, in genres ranging from opera all the way to metal. Freeman's audition for the Music Program at Lebanon Valley College earned him the Carmean Talent Award which is a scholarship awarded to only six of the approximately 300 individuals who audition for LVC's Music Program. While attending LVC, Freeman studied four consecutive years of voice under Dr. Mark Mecham and Dr. Rebecca Lister and graduated with degrees in Music Business and Digital Communications. He regularly tours the United States with his band Small Town Titans, and continues instructing students on a national scale through online lessons and in-person training. Phillip is also the leader of the folk rockband The Lone Wolf Project, co-producer and on-call session vocalist for Seventh Wave Studio, Full Tilt Recording, and Hybrid Studios, and is a co-writer with multi-platinum recording artist John Moyer, bassist for Disturbed.

View Phillip's presentation

Mike Hawthorne

Sequential Art

Taking a story from script to art, step by step. 

Mike Hawthorne is a story artist, visual development artist, and cartoonist. His work has been nominated for both an Eisner and Harvey award, the two most prestigious awards in the comics industry. He's worked with clients like FOX Films, Universal Studios, The 76ers, Marvel Comics, DC/Vertigo, Dark Horse Comics, IDW Publishing, as well as many others. He also co-created the character Holden Radcliffe for the ABC series "Agents of SHIELD." Mike is currently the artist on Marvel's popular Deadpool series.

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Brad Jennings.jpg

Brad Jennings

From Defeating Moments to Winning Stories

When friends gather in a spirit of merriment, there are those who hold court and revel in the telling of epic tales of achievement and awesomeness. But unforgettable stories aren’t just about heroics. They can also be about restroom misfortune and wardrobe malfunction. With vulnerability, honesty and by poking fun at personal shame, a storyteller can compel an audience to lean in, relate and cheer those epic setbacks.

Brad Jennings enjoyed a 16-year career at the York Daily Record in a variety of journalism roles, from writing and editing to multimedia storytelling. He most recently served as lead editor for story presentation and digital innovation. In November, he won York Story Slam's Grand Slam, earning the title of Best Storyteller in York for 2016. Brad recently moved to northern Virginia with his wife, Susan, two daughters and way too many pets. He is often mistaken for other people.

View Brad's presentation

Jordan Pfautz.JPG

Jordan Pfautz

Pen & Knife - The Art and Process of Crafting New Recipes

My personal process of recipe ideation, creation, testing, and finalization. It all starts with a taste that inspires.

Jordan Pfautz has spent the last 16 years thinking about how food impacts our lives  and how to make it taste better. From Pretzels to BBQ from the South to The Far East, inspired flavors are what inspire him to keep creating and tinkering with food. Jordan is the founder of Roost: Uncommon Kitchen and Baron Von Schwein, and is a co-founder of York City Pretzel Company and on the partner team at Taste Test.

View Jordan's presentation

Rita Whitney.jpg

Rita Whitney

The Art of Overcoming Epilepsy

This presentation will tell the story of local artist Rita Whitney as a young adult, as she dealt with a diagnosis of Epilepsy, and later Conversion Disorder, through her art making.

Rita Whitney owns and operates Prime Art Supply, where she collaborates with many organizations including the Cultural Alliance, the Salvation Army, and the City of York.  Rita received her Bachelors Degree from York College and has been awarded residencies at the Chautauqua School of Art in New York and the Vermont Studio School. She was also the first appointed Appell Fellow at Marketview Arts.  She is a founding board member of the Mt. Gretna School of Art and most recently participates in an Artist Teaching Residency at York Academy Charter School.

View Rita's presentation

FEATURED PRESENTERS AT OUR EVENT ON April 20, 2017. LEFT TO RIGHT: Aaron Anderson, Andrew Barnes, Isaac Edmondson, Brad Jennings, Sam Brenner, Mike Hawthorne, Rita Whitney, Phillip Freeman, Jordan Pfautz, Stacey Burroughs.

PK April 2017 Group Photo.jpg

Featured Speakers AT JUNE 25, 2016 PK NIght Event

Our fourth event was held in conjunction with the Cultural Alliance of York County's Big Idea Saturday.

Ann Davis.jpg

Ann Davis

DreamWrights: Building Characters for Life

Take one person – no matter their age – supply with an opportunity, a dash of mentoring, the tools they need to create a masterpiece alongside other creative minds, and watch them grow. DreamWrights is a safe and encouraging community where stepping outside of your comfort zone is not only fun, but also opens doors in wonderful and unexpected ways.

Ann’s work as Executive Director of DreamWrights grew through her children’s love for and exploration of theatre. Twenty years later she continues to build her own character as she travels through the life stages of a community arts organization along with the many people it touches.

View Ann's presentation

Dominic DelliCarpini.jpg
Billy Amtmann.jpg

Dominic DelliCarpini and Billy Amtmann

The Graham Scholars: Disrupting Education toward a New Generation of Makers and Doers

While the world cries out for creativity and divergent thinkers, our schools continue to standardize and measure success by conformity. This presentation brings together a veteran teacher and current student to imagine ways to disrupt the status quo in education.

Dr. Dominic DelliCarpini is the Dean of the Center for Community Engagement, the Naylor Endowed Professor of Writing Studies, and the Director of the Graham Scholars Program at York College. After 10 years of teaching in secondary schools, and 25 in higher education, DelliCarpini developed the Graham Scholars Program to help students “design extraordinary lives.” His goal was, in the words of progressive educator John Dewey, to “introduce into educational processes the activities which appeal to those whose dominant interest is to do and to make.” Where better than in York, a center of industry founded on creative making and doing, to nurture this entrepreneurial spirit?

Billy Amtmann is a Graham Scholar and Mechanical Engineering Major at York College of Pennsylvania. Using the principles of Design Thinking and the spirit of an engineer, Amtmann is committed to reforming ways that our educational system crushes creativity and treats students as something being built on a factory line instead of as the builders of their own future. He imagines instead an educational paradigm built on the spirit of creative play and willingness to fail—characteristics that all children possess, and that educators have an obligation to nurture.

View Dominic and Billy's presentation

Jim McConnell.jpg

James McConnell II

Embracing Aesthetic Anarchy

This presentation aims to explore what it means to trade convenience for consciousness by making the choice to build rather than buy. Learn how the methods of pre-industrial artisans and a simple set of tools can set your inner maker free.

Jim McConnell is a husband, father, student of life, and chronic tinkerer currently based in Eastern North Carolina, where he learns something new practically every day. He enjoys building furniture, playing music, and curating The Daily Skep, a blog built on the belief that fostering a virtual guild of makers, doers, and dreamers is a vital and important way to share ideas and information about what makes us human. Jim serves as content editor for Mortise & Tenon Magazine and writes for Popular Woodworking.

View Jim's presentation

Melanie M. Rodgers

Slab Serifs, Velveeta and Poppycock

Everyone knows that the alphabet is for constructing words that, in combination, convey ideas and foster thought. But what in the world do typography and cooking have in common? Are homemade letters and dishes more delicious or nutritious? What is the value of mastery in either pursuit? These, and other questions, will be examined in this well-seasoned and legible presentation.

Melanie M. Rodgers is an associate professor of art at York College of Pennsylvania and Coordinator of the Graphic Design program there. In addition to mentoring young artists, she is involved in a wide variety of typographic projects at The Lettering Office. A graduate of the York Academy of Arts, Rodgers has an M.A. in Digital Arts and an M.F.A in Studio from The Maryland Institute College of Art.

View Melanie's presentation

Al Sgro

The Language of Modern Music Scoring

Exploring modern music scoring techniques for TV and Film, its imprint on the collective unconscious, and what we do to keep it vital.

Originally from York, Al Sgro is a music composer and producer based in Los Angeles. He's also co-owner of  The Chalet Recording Studio near Culver City and a recipient of an ASCAP FILM/TV Music Award. His credits include six seasons of the ABC comedy Cougar Town, and CBS's recent hour-long procedural, Rush Hour.

View Al's presentation

FEATURED PRESENTERS AT OUR EVENT ON June 25, 2016. LEFT TO RIGHT: Billy Amtmann, Dominic DelliCarpini, Melanie Rodgers, Ann davis, James McConnell II, Al Sgro.


Featured Speakers AT JANUARY 28, 2016 PK NIght Event

This was our third event, and we were once again blown away by the stories and perspectives our presenters shared. 

Carla Christopher-Waid.jpg

Carla Christopher-Waid

Word Painting: Finding Words to Make People Feel, Care, and Remember

The truth of emotion often trumps truth of fact when you are speaking for results and responses. The essentials of poetic writing can turn even the most utilitarian of speakers into a persuasive, powerful and purposeful communicator.

Carla Christopher was York's fourth Poet Laureate and the 2014 Arts & Cultural Community Liaison for the City of York. Her independent press, PoemSugar Press / Community Arts Ink, is a Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center partner agency and she is the only York poet to win the Pennsylvania Poetry Society's Grand Prize. She is a multiply published and anthologized poet, the only guest poet-performer on multiple rock albums and is a regular workshop leader for YorkArts, Spoutwood Farm, and Martin Library, among others. She is also the venue host and special/large event producer behind events from Poetry Night @ King's Courtyard to Equality Fest.

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Hayley Croom.jpg

Hayley Croom

The Emotional Map of Scent

Our sense of smell is primeval. A whiff of a familiar scent can make us instantly smile, can make us weep, can transport us across time and place. Follow the crafting of an atmospheric fragrance from concept to completion.

Hayley J. Croom is the founder & saponatrix of Paintbox Soapworks, with over 20,000 sales on Etsy's handmade marketplace. She has created more than 200 unique scent blends and specializes in coconut-free formulations. Born in Montreal to British parents, she has lived in York for most of her life, with eight years spent in Chicago's Far North Side. She is a trained pastry chef, amateur botanist, avid reader, and outspoken feminist.

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Troy Patterson

Catch and Release: Graphic Design Practice as Fishing Practice

Through the processes and methods of tactile making and shared experiences, Troy Patterson is able to release the results of experiments, or the products he has built, out into his community. Like fishing, making is only as important as the giving. The catch and release work in tandem. For Troy, the release has become the connection between art and gift, a passing of knowledge from old to young, student to teacher.

Troy Patterson is a graphic designer, educator, letterpress practitioner, and collector of things. He is a professor of graphic design at York College of Pennsylvania, where he has taught since 2003. While working with young designers is his main focus these days, he continues to be deeply involved in his own personal practice at Catch and Release Press. At C&RP he works on a range of projects, both commercial and personal where he makes 21st century digitally based graphic design and experiments in letterpress processes.

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Dru Peters

Small Batch Farming and Why We Handcraft Food and Flowers

After decades working for corporations that provided a company car, matching 401k, expense account, and clean working conditions, Dru Peters traded it all in to start up Sunnyside Farm, a farm that grows handcrafted delights. Now chair of York Buy Fresh Buy Local and member of the Governor’s Task Force on Food Availability, Dru will share about the decision to grow food in ridiculous low tech ways.

Dru Peters is an escapee from the corporate world. What began as a quest for tasty dinners has rolled around to be an all-encompassing farm. Hear the why and how.

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Jason Plotkin.jpg

Jason Plotkin


Perspective plays an important role in the world of photojournalism. What does life look like through the eyes of a visual journalist from ground level to up high while covering the best and worst that life has to offer?

Jason Plotkin, a 1993 graduate of Shippensburg University, has been a visual journalist in York for over 20 years. In that time, he has covered stories ranging from fires and features to presidents and Penn State football. He is a multimedia journalist who shoots photos, produces video and makes documentaries. Jason has been married to his wife Melissa for 18 years and has two daughters, Hannah, 14, and Ella, 8.

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Cal Weary

Tilt the Stage: Excellence in Community Arts Through Equal Access

The world of the arts directly parallels and contrasts with the most complex and simplistic concepts in society. By examining what happens to an individual, to a community, when embraced by the arts, we find ourselves bombarded with answers to the most human questions.

Cal Weary is the CEO of Weary Arts Group, President of the York Youth Symphony Orchestra, a husband, and father of three young artists. He has worked for over 20 years in arts education, production, and promotion.

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FEATURED PRESENTERS AT OUR EVENT ON January 28, 2016. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jason Plotkin, Dru Peters, Troy Patterson, Cal Weary, Hayley Croom, Carla Christopher-Waid.


Featured Speakers AT September 24, 2015 PK NIght Event

As of September 2015, we are an official PK Night city. PechaKucha Nights are informal and fun gatherings where creative people get together and share their ideas in the PechaKucha 20x20 format. There are over 700 PechaKucha Nights cities around the world.

Ophelia Chambliss

Visual Rhetoric: The Power of the Visual Image as Communication

A presentation of real and abstract images that convey and define a message and concept.

Ophelia Chambliss is a visual artist who specializes in visual communication and visual discourse. As a fine art painter and muralist, she displays her work nationally, and has a number of public installations throughout PA. She holds a Masters Degree in Communications from Penn State University and is an adjunct professor at PSU, as well as a number of other area colleges. She teaches public speaking, Media Discourse Analysis, and Graphic Design.

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Peter Danko (1).jpg

Peter Danko

Invention and Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship is the fusing of hand and mind. It connects the mind to matter. Without it, invention is impossible. It rules all art and all science. Craftsmanship makes knowledge tangible. It is a most precious human resource

Peter Danko is an artist, artisan, designer, and inventor. His work is in a number of museum collections including MOMA and the Smithsonian Institute. His work has also been the subject of exhibits in college and university galleries. He has been awarded several NEA grants, Best of NeoCon, IDSA awards, and has been awarded many patents, both design and utility. He has been featured in many prestigious books, most recently Furniture with Soul: Master Woodworkers and Their Craft.

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Philip Given

Bread: 30,000 Years of Imperfection

Grain, yeast, water and time. Four simple ingredients have been combined in thousands of ways to fuel this world for centuries. The world's oldest imperfect craft.

Philip Given is the president of York City Pretzel Company, co-owner of The Susquehanna Photographic, and organizer of foodstruck, a food truck party which last year brought 13,000 people to Penn Park in the City of York. Philip is also a co-organizer of Restaurant Week York, which brings 29 restaurants together for a week of specials throughout the city. He also serves on the ad-hoc mobile food committee for the City of York.

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Vito Grippi.JPG

Vito Grippi

I Am the Story: Crafting Personal Narratives as an Exploration of the Self.

This presentation explores the craft and artistry of examining memories and experiences to construct personal narratives that connect, inform, and entertain.

Vito Grippi is Co-founder of the Story Supply Co., and a founding editor of the award-winning literary magazine, Story. He writes and lives in York, where he also teaches writing at York College of Pennsylvania.

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Jeff Hines.jpg

Jeff Hines

The Craft of Drinking Water

Drinking water: a simple product, a necessity of life, an unknown future. The evolution of drinking water through the industrial revolution and beyond.

Jeffrey R. Hines, P.E., is President & CEO of The York Water Company. Jeff is a civil engineer with a concentration in water resources from Bucknell University, an MBA from York College, and a law degree from Concord Law School. He was with the US Army for 17 years and has been with York Water for 25 years. The York Water Company, America’s oldest investor owned utility, has been providing our community’s drinking water supply since 1816.

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Kevin Schreiber.jpg

Kevin Schreiber

Made in York

An historical overview of the craftsmanship from York County, including a look at the products made in York that York sent out into the world and a picture of the 21st century York craftsman.

Kevin Schreiber was elected to serve as state representative for the 95th Legislative District, in York County, in a special election on May 21, 2013. He resides in the city of York with his wife, Jen, and their Cavalier Spaniel, Lucy. His legislative priorities include ensuring that we have the best educational opportunities for all children in the Commonwealth to include Pre-K and early learning education through collegiate and higher education, improving public safety, government reform, equal rights and the environment. To advance these priorities he serves on the following house committees: Urban Affairs, Environmental Resources and Energy, Appropriations, and Education. He also serves on the following house caucuses: Arts & Culture, Community College, Craft Beer, Early Childhood Education, Latino Affairs, LGBT Equality, Manufacturing, and Women’s Health.

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Gregory Timmons

The Good Video Recipe

In today's world, virtually everyone has the potential to create media from their pocket devices. Above all else one question stands out: "how can one retain audience attention?"

For the past 13 years, Gregory Timmons has been inseparable from his camera. Turning a side passion into his main form of income, he is constantly working towards creating unique imagery that retains the attention of viewers.

Watch Gregory's presentation

Greg Wimmer

An Avant Garde Education: Cultivating Curiosity and Community in the 21st Century Learner

Examination. Engagement. Empathy. Carefully designed authentic learning experiences require students to analyze content connections, develop creative solutions, and realize their place in the community and the world. It comes together when they present their learning to a “real-world” audience.

Greg is a learning facilitator at Central York High School and creator of PANc, a project series connecting global issues, the arts, and the greater York community. Through his efforts, his learners have collaborated with local and national experts and artists to create unique, original work.

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FEATURED PRESENTERS AT OUR EVENT ON September 24, 2015. LEFT TO RIGHT: Kevin Schreiber, Gregory Timmons, Jeff Hines, Peter Danko, Ophelia Chambliss, Vito Grippi, Philip Given, Greg Wimmer.


Featured Speakers AT JUNE 27, 2015 INAUGURAL Event

Our first event was “Powered by PechaKucha.” PPK events are one-off events that are separate from regular city-based PechaKucha Nights, and are usually held as part of festivals and conferences, but can also act as standalone events.

Josh Carney

Glorified Caves

The evolution of the craft of creating buildings, and why it is so much different than any other creative enterprise.

Joshua M. Carney, P.E. is President of Carney Engineering Group (CEG), a structural engineering firm located in York, PA.  A 1994 graduate of PSU, Josh has designed everything from bridges and buildings to climbing towers and ziplines. He has a passion for the art of engineering, and is somewhat of an old building junkie. His interests lie in everything from study of ancient stone masonry techniques to digital modeling and visualization and everything in between.

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Averie Clark

Collective Craft

Thoughts on the who, what, where, when, how and why of coming together to craft.

Quilting bees, spelling bees, and honeybees have all influenced the life of Averie Clark, founder of Collective Courage, LLC, a creative reuse enterprise based in York, doing business as The Bee: gathering with purpose. Clark’s rural central PA upbringing provided hands-on experience with traditional home arts based on values of self-sufficiency, sustainability, and stewardship, which she enthusiastically shares and promotes in her current urban community.

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Nate Fochtman

Creating Value Through Sensory Experiences

Through the inundation of marketing and selling in the modern world, it is crucial to create memorable sensory experiences with your target audience. Nate Fochtman will lead you through the journey of creating value through sensory experiences that will outlast any tangible promotional item or event

Nate Fochtman has been building brands and consumer experiences for over ten years, working with everything from global brands to niche local brands. Fochtman's career has spanned through sales, marketing, nonprofit fundraising, business development and entertainment.  

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Patrick SElls

Time and Materials = Craft

Here we are on earth in a body with opposable thumbs, a big head, and 5 senses tuned to manipulate our material surroundings. Patrick Sells took the hint and applied his senses to a life among the materials. Seeing that perfection is impossible and undefined, he seeks the defects in cast-off materials, re-crafts them to share a story, and calls them perfect.

Patrick Sells is co-founder of local architectural design-build firm Salvaging Creativity. He fabricates furniture, staircases, signage and lighting for residential and commercial space. Patrick spends the remainder of his time working to improve the public urban landscape as a partner in York City's public sculpture program. For the past year, he has joined with Erin Casey and a group of talented community leaders to build the community Makerspace, Working Class. Working Class will serve as a hub for space, tools and knowledge, enabling anyone to build something.

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Shane Speal

Seduced Into Crafting: My Life As A Sound Searcher

Shane Speal details his life as a musician, searching for a sound and ending as a cigar box guitar builder.

Shane Speal is the world's foremost master of the cigar box guitar, a primitive stringed instrument cobbled together from discarded wood, guitar strings and an empty box. He is responsible for the modern resurgence of the cigar box guitar, a once forgotten instrument of American blues and roots music. He has been featured in the LA Times, Guitar World and Premier Guitar magazines, and his concert has been featured in the PBS documentary Songs Inside the Box.

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Sheldon Yourist

The Fine Art of Shape Sleuthing

Sheldon discusses his experiences with giving companies, brand owners, and salespeople what they want in shape design by utilizing his skills as an artist.

Sheldon Yourist is Global Director of Design for Graham Packaging Co., LP. He is a graduate of Indiana University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with Honors, majoring in both Printmaking and Sculpture. He has worked in the opera design, architectural ornamentation, sculpture, giftware, tabletop and packaging industries from Los Angeles to York, PA. He has sculpted & designed for PIETRO Studios in Hollywood, Teleflora, Pfaltzgraff and currently, Graham Packaging. He has won numerous awards within the housewares and packaging industries. He is an inventor of electronic sculpting techniques and currently has over 160 patents in the U.S. and around the globe with dozens of pending applications for package designs worldwide.

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Brenda Wintermyer

The Fauves (Wild Beasts)

A colorful depiction of Brenda Wintermyer’s art and how it is partially influenced by the French Fauve artists of the early 20th century.

Brenda Wintermyer's high-energy art has become popular in the York art scene, making her art one of York's most recognizable. A native of York County, Brenda has been keeping a studio downtown York for the past 12 years. She has a rich history in the art industry, having been an illustrator for 25 years and then a college professor, teaching illustration and drawing, for 10 years. She now is proud to claim herself as a full-time painter.

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